Artistic Bathroom  is a specialist in providing bathroom solutions. Artistic Bathroom established in the year 1990, is involved in the construction of artistic bathrooms. Artistic Bathroom is a sole trading company which under takes one bathroom construction project at a time to ensure the success of the project undertaken.

Artistic Bathroom constructs stylish bathrooms and provides bathroom solutions with its bath ware products and bathroom accessories. Artistic Bathroom also undertakes works like repairing water damage in bathrooms and providing water proofing solutions to bathrooms.

Artistic Bathroom does a wide range of bathroom construction projects right from the construction of budget bathrooms to boutique bathrooms. Artistic Bathroom also undertakes bathroom works like construction of new bathrooms and renovation of already established bathrooms.

For renovating established bathrooms, Artistic Bathroom negotiates terms and conditions with respect to changes made in the bathroom. Artistic Bathroom constructs bathrooms with its own bath ware and bathroom accessories. Sometimes Artistic Bathroom also allows customers to supply their own tiles and P.C. Artistic Bathroom treats each and every bathroom project to be unique and considers the bathroom’s size to be vital while offering innovative styles.