Artilux  retractable fly screens are ideal for all types of windows and doors. They are available in three cassette sizes to suit small, medium and large openings.

The Artilux range of retractable insect screens is ideal openings of various different sizes, ranging from casement windows through to French doors and wide bi-fold and stacker doors. 

The retractable fly screens are made of high quality materials including extruded aluminum and PVC coated fiberglass mesh. All of the fly screens feature a soft closing mechanism which prevents damage to both the fly screens and the window frame as it ensures the screen retracts gently.

The retractable fly screens are very convenient and easy to use. Simply roll out the screen when you need it and roll it away when you don’t.

Artilux retractable fly screens are available in a range of different sizes depending on the application. In a single door application, they can be up to 3m high x 3m wide, in a double roll away door application they can be up to 3m high x 6m wide, and they can be up to 2500H x 2500W in a roll up application.

The flyscreen frame comes in a number of powder coated colours, or alternatively anodised and wood grain finishes are also  available.

Artilux retractable flyscreens are available all over Australia. They can be sent out in DIY form ready for onsite fit installation. The product comes with a set of clear instructions making it easy for builders and experienced renovators to install.