Artilux Australia offers a selection of retractable flyscreen products in several colours and styles for use in numerous applications around the home.

Retractable flyscreens are ideal for use on any type of window or door, and using feedback from their customers Artilux offers the following tips on how to select the right fly screen for the job.

Alfresco pleated retractable flyscreens

These flyscreens are ideal for households with young children or seniors as it is a free sliding system, can stop anywhere, is tension free and easy to operate. Additionally, because the mesh is pleated it is visible, meaning people are less likely to walk though it. 

These pleated flyscreens are also ideal for households with large bifold doors or areas where subtle detail is preferred for decoration as well as functionality.

Multi-lock soft close retractable insect screens

These soft close retractable insect screens are the ideal choice for homeowners that have bifold doors or large areas to be screened, and those that prefer a much more “non apparent” mesh that will not interfere with the view or affect the functional aspect.

Standard soft close retractable insect screens

These screens are often the preferred choice by homeowners for use in windows, with single or French doors, or even where the opening is particularly small. Screens in these are generally kept open or closed and will therefore not require any special locking or positioning.

Chain glide soft close retractable flyscreens

Artilux recommends the chain glide retractable flyscreen for those homeowners that are concerned about drilling or recessing into their floors, particularly those with timber, marble and tile finishes. The chain glide insect screen system features a discreet bottom guide, measuring just 5 mm, which is secured in the floor.

Wheelchair / pram accessible insect screens

All retractable insect screens from Artilux can be purchased with an optional ramp when not recessed into the floor, making them wheelchair or pram access friendly.