Artilux Australia  has introduced a new range of pleated insect screens in the Australian market.
A highly innovative range of fly screens, Artilux’s new Allegro pleated insect screens are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit Australian lifestyle and décor.

Allegro pleated insect screens are suitable for all types of windows and doors, especially wide areas such as bi-fold and stacker doors, allowing residents to enjoy the best of the outdoors without worrying about flies and bugs.

Cord tensioned and smooth running, the Allegro pleated flyscreen is able to protect openings up to 4m wide and 2.5m high in a single span, allowing uninterrupted view without panelling or joining a number of screens to cover the opening. With a double application, it can cover openings up to 8m wide.

Allegro pleated screens come with a discreet 28mm frame and 11mm bottom guide, blending neatly with existing frames. The system is ideal for experienced DIY renovators to retrofit on their doors and windows.

Allegro pleated insect screens are available in a range of colours and finishes including clear anodise and wood grain, and can also be recessed into flooring or rebated into timber frames.

Unique features of Allegro pleated insect screens include an exclusive top wire system that prevents the mesh from dropping or blowing out; 11mm bottom track designed to conceal the cords and house hooks to prevent the mesh from blowing out; rounded profiles in the bottom track for easy access to wheelchairs and prams; reinforced pleated mesh and handle guides that ensure the screen does not blow out in the event of a strong breeze or nudging; innovative cord tensioning system; small and slim lined corner and handle fittings; and a 28mm tall top track.