The Alfresco pleated screening system, available from Artilux , offers both functional and decorative protection against insects, bugs and creepy crawlies.

An alternative to spring loaded retractable screens in the Artilux suite, the Alfresco pleated screen is an innovative free sliding system.

The elegant screen slides effortlessly though its frame using a cord tensioning system, and can be stopped at any point along the opening. Easy to operate and visually attractive, this innovative screen will enhance the look and feel of the house.

Features and benefits:

  • Screen areas up to 8 metres wide with a double unit
  • Screen areas up to 4 metres wide with a single unit
  • Discreet 10mm bottom track and 20mm frame. Ideal for screening openings with narrow frames
  • Reinforced pleated mesh and support guides keep mesh firmly in place
  • Screen can be positioned anywhere along the opening
  • Screen can be operated from anywhere along the handle

Artilux screens are available Australia wide though retailers offering measure, quote and installation services. Screens are also available in DIY form suiting builders and renovators.