Artemide  Australia introduces the IN-EI Issey Miyake lighting collection featuring a unique range of freestanding, table and hanging lights.

The latest in a list of design collaborations for leading Italian lighting design specialist Artemide, the IN-EI range comes from Issey Miyake’s design lab and beautifully encapsulates Miyake’s characteristically innovative approach to materials and design.

Japanese for ‘shadow, shadiness, and nuance’, IN-EI combines strong three-dimensional geometry with an exceptional illumination capacity to diffuse light, resulting in a breathtaking lighting range that perfectly blends the design principles of both Artemide and Miyake.

Issey Miyake’s artistic vision, applied via a new 3D mathematical process, fuses the Japanese tradition of light with his unique ability to translate tradition into modernity, giving rise to the IN-EI range of freestanding, table and hanging lights. Each lampshade is created using two or three-dimensional mathematic principles, where light and shade harmoniously alternate.

Miyake’s renowned folding technology creates both statuesque forms as well as sufficient solidity, resulting from the structure of the recycled material together with an additional surface treatment that allows the lampshades to perfectly retain their shape without an internal frame.

Derived from 100% recycled materials, the fabric used in the lampshades is re-treated fibre made using PET bottles that diffuses light in interesting ways. The bottles are processed using an innovative technology that reduces both energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 40% in comparison to the production of new materials.

Sustainable LED technology is used to light up Artemide’s new lighting collection, adding to the range’s environmental credentials. Launched at the 2012 Milan Furniture Fair, the IN-EI lighting collection will be available exclusively through Artemide’s Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney Flagship showrooms.