Arteco  offers a variety of solid cast aluminium home signs and house plaques. The unique feature of this type of home plaques is that, the cast aluminium house plaques are made entirely by hand. They are manufactured to high standards.
The solid cast aluminium house plaque from Arteco is a one piece construction which has no seams and therefore these plaques never crack or break. These home signs and house plaques are weather proof and are suitable for use during varied weather conditions.
Various house signs are available in humped-backed, oval and rectangular shapes. These plaques also have raised letterings, motifs and numbers. The cast aluminium house plaques are available in a wide range of colours.

Arteco allows its customers to choose any combination of style, colour, number and motifs to create individual plaques. Cast aluminium E1, cast aluminium D4, cast aluminium D1 and cast aluminium E2 are some of the combinations of cast aluminium house plaques manufactured by Arteco.
The cast aluminium plaques are created first by designing a template with the customer's choice and after the sand negative is created, molten aluminium is heated. The aluminium is then cooled and separated from the mould, which results in a one piece construction. This is then coated with epoxy paint with UV resistance.
Mild soap and water can be used to clean the cast aluminium plaques. Harsh abrasive cleaners and cloths will cause damage to the plaques.