Arte Antica International  offers frescoes or mural wall paintings and artware for interior and exterior decorations. These original decorations are made in Italy. Arte Antica International creates these frescoes with traditional and ancient process and revives them with new and modern technology.

Arte Antica International produces original Italian-made frescoes on real plaster. They are not wall paper prints or modified canvas. Customers can provide their own pictures or select between classic, landscapes, Mediterranean landscapes, Trompe l'Oleil, ancient Pompeii and modern Art. On the other hand, Arte Antica International also offers an enhanced product with the same finish.

Arte Antica International applies fresco on a material that is made from 27 elements and placed or laid on a fibreglass mesh. These materials are handmade by skilled Italian artisans. The final result is an absorbent white-set plaster with a characteristic look of ancient frescoes. Arte Antica International frescoes are flexible, providing easy transportation and installation. Since the artwork is on handmade material, the end result may differ in colour and weight.