Arte Antica International  creates and provides frescoes or mural wall paintings and artware. These original Italian-made decorations can be applied on any exterior or interior masonry surface.

Arte Antica International’s fresco laying is done by first outlining the perimetre to the accurate size of the fresco. After outlining the perimeter, glue is applied with a three millimetres trowle. The fresco is then rolled to the wall.

After ensuring that it is well adhered to the wall, the fresco is pressed with a roller to eliminate any air bubbles. The fresco is protected by sticking a tape on all the four corners. Finally the level is eliminated with stucco and the wall is finished with the decoration.

Arte Antica International produces frescoes such as Trompe l'Oeil, Ceilings, Pompeii's Frescoes, modern art and decorations for exteriors and interiors. Some of the Arte Antica International’s frescoes for exteriors include Rosa dei Venti, Scritta interna personalizzata ST 01 and ST 02, Scritta interna personalizzata DR 02, DR 02 and DR 01 Su Misura. For interiors, Arte Antica International offers Terrazza in Versilia, Antica villa Romana, Campo di girasoli, Pergolato Toscano, Il cortile di nonna Rosa, Il Giardino dei sogni, Il cortile degli amanti and many more.