Mirrors can brighten up a room and open up small dark spaces, but they’re usually heavy and the large ones, very heavy. This can make hanging a mirror tricky and possibly dangerous if not hung securely.

When hanging a mirror, professional installers at Art Hanging Systems consider wall structure, hanging fixtures, direct sunlight reflections and spatial design. 

Masonry walls can generally hold the weight of mirrors but only if they’re hung with the appropriate hanging fixtures necessary to cope with the mirror’s weight. 

If the mirror is to be hung in a location with plasterboard or gyprock walls, special consideration is required. A secure hanging position for mirrors is against wall studs, but this may not be the desired position. Art Hanging Systems use the split batten hanging method to work around this issue, offering clients the freedom to hang their mirror anywhere on the wall.  

Art Hanging Systems hang mirrors of all shapes, weights and sizes, and have extensive experience hanging ornamental mirrors with fragile frames that require delicate handling.