Art Hanging Systems  used innovative picture hanging and display techniques to install the Steve Howkins’ Grid screen as a room divider in the headquarters of a high-profile Sydney organisation.  

After working with Art Hanging Systems on the Fred Hollows’ head office and the Caritas headquarters, interior designers ODCM recommended Art Hanging Systems and their hanging techniques to the building contractor Toga Group.  

The project required Art Hanging Systems to design a discrete hanging method to suspend the 2.7m x 4m, 5 x 7 panels of modular, decorative screen. Made from laser cut, polypropylene sheets, the room divider also needed to be assembled on-site before installation.  

Art Hanging Systems chose the smallest fitting with most visually unobtrusive suspension hanging system to connect all the vertical rows to the ceiling. The bottom of the screen was then attached to the floor using pin fixed cable clamps and an adjustable, tensioned floor fitting to fix the screen in a taut position.  

This unique combination of picture hanging and display techniques ensured precise lineal alignment, a discrete, stylish look and a successful result.  

Art Hanging Systems use various picture hanging systems and display equipment such as Clip Rail, Ceiling Recessed Rail, Pin Fixed Acrylic Mounts and Ceiling Mounted systems to create customised solutions for clients who require the installation of art, paintings, photographs, mirrors, signage, displays and Howkins screens.