Art Gilding  helps designers achieve a wow effect by creating feature walls gilded with pure metal leaf.

The result is a distinct shimmering look, not achievable with paint, wallpaper or any other finish. The natural metal surface is also highly durable and long-lasting.

An example of this is the copper leaf feature wall in the Calibre section of the David Jones Market Street store in Sydney.

Art Gilding gilded the wall recently with copper leaf which has created a warm, elegant atmosphere, making it stand out attractively in David Jones on level one. Other retail outlets which have opted for this interior finish include Marcs, Orson & Blake, Paspaley Pearls and Midas Jewellery.

A variety of metal leaves can be used. Pure gold or faux gold leaf can be used to achieve an oppulent effect.

Silver, faux silver or aluminium is used to give a chic, elegant look, popular with contemporary design.