Art Gilding has become aware that many prospective students find it difficult to spend two weeks full time completing a Master Gilding Class. As a result of this they have changed the format of the Master Gilding Class to run over a nine day period until the end of 2011 as an experiment.

The curriculum which has been proven successful over the last 10 years will not be changed. During this period of nine days, students will learn more than they could in a three year apprenticeship in a relaxed and fun atmosphere with likeminded people. For the benefit of students classes are kept to a minimum of six people, and on completion of the professional Master Gilding Class students will receive a certificate.

Completing a Master Gilding training course allows students to add skills to their chosen profession and offers the freedom to build up their business and work from home.

This year Art Gilding has invited Master Class students to join in on a number of projects in Sydney and interstate to give them hands-on experience. This is a win/win situation for everybody concerned.

Master Gilding Classes will be held over a period of nine days, starting on the Saturday at 10am and finishing on the Sunday the following week at 4pm.

Gilding training courses for the remainder of 2011 will be held as follows: 

  • August - 20th to 28th
  • September - 27th to 25th
  • October - 15th to 23rd
  • November - 12th to 20th