Art Gilding  will show how to apply faux gold leaf onto a moulding (frame) and matt board at the Framing Show in Darling Harbour, Sydney at Friday 20th July at 4pm.

This free demonstration will be held at Darling Harbour Wharf 8 (next to King Street Wharf) inside the framing show.

The application of gold leaf onto a moulding (frame) and matt board is a process known as gilding.

Gilding is done on frames of high quality and is also used to create stunning metal leaf finishes for architectural and interior finishes using a variety of metals.

The Art Gilding Academy runs classes, workshops and courses where students can learn gilding as a hobby, or become a professional gilder.

The Golden Weekend gilding workshop is being held this weekend (Saturday 21st to Sunday 22nd) at the Art Gilding Academy's studio in Sydney and is ideal for small business owners (especially framers) keen to add gilding skills and more profits to their business.