Sydney-based Art Gilding Studio used Dutch Metal Leaf to gild various interior décor elements of The Palace Chinese Restaurant in Sydney’s CBD.

Art Gilding was commissioned to gild interior cornices, various columns and signage over the restaurant’s entrance using Dutch Metal Leaf. In addition, two ancient dragons guarding the entrance, set in entrance columns and decorated in Chinese traditional art, were also gilded in Dutch Metal Leaf.

Art Gilding’s master gilder, Karl Eggert, said that the goal for the restaurant was to use gilding art to complement the traditional Chinese Culture, yet still create an approachable design for stylish and comfortable dining. The gilded elements offer visual contrast and add a sense of warmth to the interior.  

Metallic leaf finishes in gold, silver and copper can be applied to various surfaces including metal and wood. These metal leaf finishes present an enduring quality for both exterior and interior applications.

The design possibilities with gold leaf, silver leaf and copper leaf finishes available today enables designers to create visually appealing restaurant entrances. The Palace restaurant achieves the desired ambience through the combination of rich textures and colours, intrinsic traditional design ornaments and gilded elements.

Art forms such as gilding are becoming increasingly popular amongst restaurant owners and designers, looking to achieve a unique design and provide a memorable dining experience for patrons.