Sydney-based Art Gilding now has Gilding Weekend Classes available for time-poor individuals who are interested in learning and applying this ancient technique. This popular two-day intensive class introduces students to the antique method of metal leaf gilding.

The class is designed for decorative painters, framers, French polishers, interior designers and even antique dealers, who want to master the basics of this art, explore the many possibilities of gilding and refine their professional techniques. The Gilding Weekend Class is run from 10 - 4 Saturday and Sunday and participants will learn step-by-step ancient gilding techniques that can be applied to furniture, picture frames, mirrors, cornices, walls and…Tim Tams!

“It was a great course. The learning curve was amazing and I am sure gilding will feature prominently in my future art works” - Jennifer McArthur

Master gilder, Karl Eggert, who learned the art of church restoration and framing in Germany, shares his skills and knowledge with students who want to broaden their horizons. With over 45 years of experience in gilding and an extensive portfolio of renowned commercial projects such as The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, this master gilder shows keen students the almost infinite possibilities of gilding.

The practice of gilding is the art of applying a thin coat of metal, usually silver or gold leaf, to surfaces such as wood, metal and paper. Gilding transforms the most ordinary of items into unique and magnificent object d’art with the simple addiction of a delicate gold, silver or copper leaf. Applying gold or silver leaf to objects adds an exquisite touch of extravagance and accentuates the most intrinsic details.

Art Gilding’s extensive gilding repertoire in metal leaf decorative finishes such as 24 Carat Gold, Silver and Copper comprises anything from the simple ornamentation of smaller pieces to the architectural leafing of complete walls, ceilings and other structures. Art Gilding uses high quality metallic materials and with over 20 years experience a tradition spanning over decades.

Art Gilding offersa variety of pure metal leaf finishes including:

  • 23 and 24 Carat Gold Leaf
  • 12 Carat White Gold Leaf
  • Pure Silver Leaf
  • Faux-Gold (Dutch Metal)
  • Aluminium Leaf
  • Copper Leaf
  • Oxide Metal Leaf
  • Faux Platinum

The metal leaf materials used are manufactured using pure metal and beaten as thin as tissue. This material is then applied leaf by leaf over various surfaces and areas, including feature walls, entrances, ceilings and doors.

Art Gilding has added the Midas touch to more than 5000m² of different metallic finishes to historic and modern architecture across Australia and overseas.