Art Associates Australia  leases and rents out an extensive range of artwork to efficiently enhance business environment. They lease and sell artwork to clients including medical and hospital markets, corporate and residential areas. The artwork is used for boardroom decoration and exhibitions. The services offered by Art Associates Australia include consulting services and providing short term and long term lease.

Art Associates Australia offers a wide range of contemporary artwork in different media including sculpture, painting, glass, reproduction prints and original work on paper. They offer consulting service such as delivery, installation and detailed quotes of the leased projects.

The leased art from Art Associates Australia has advantages including a tax deductable expense. It encourages and supports many artists as they are paid 50 percent of the lease rate and the leased art can also be exchanged every three months. The contemporary artwork offered by Art Associates Australia aids in enhancing living and working environment. The leased art allows customers to experiment and enjoy different styles of art.
Art Associates Australia also offers lease-to-own and purchase options to their customers.