Isolite Guard, a product from Isolite is manufactured and distributed by Arrowform . Isolite Guard is a downlight housing which seals and encloses the 12V downlight fittings completely, thus providing prevention against fire hazards.
The Isolite Guard from Arrowform is a high temperature fire resistant barrier which is easy to install. It is an efficient barrier against combustible materials in the ceiling. Isolite Guard thus provides safe thermal resistance over downlights. Isolite guard from Arrowform also prevents dust, insects and allergens from entering the living areas or the residence through downlights.
Arrowform's Isolite Guard offers better insulation cover and prevents energy loss and draughts through ventilated downlights. Isolite Guard also provides noise insulation, thus preventing acoustic breakdowns.
Arrowform offers two cut out sizes which are commonly used in downlights at present.
Arrowform distributes transformer isolator which is fitted to the assembled downlight guard. This isolator offers superior insulation cover, uncluttered by transformers and is mounted within a fire resistant barrier. This is efficient in protecting against malfunctioning and over heating of iron core and electronic transformers.