Facade designs that tell a story

Facades are designed to add personality to the building. The facade design is typically a reflection of the structure’s size, character and appeal. Facades also influence people’s opinion of the building as well as their experience within the building in terms of how aspects such as light, temperature and privacy are controlled.

Then there are facades that go beyond telling a story about the building by linking the structure to its surroundings, purpose, local history or culture.

Cowper Street apartments, Granville

Arrow Metal worked in collaboration with architects Johannsen & Associates (AJA) and artists Kath Fries and Rhona Pryor to create this metal masterpiece on the Cowper Street apartments in Granville.

The perforated metal artwork on the residential block is much more than just a building face – it’s a piece of public art. Named The Way of the River, the facade illustrates the importance of the local Duck River system and the traditional land of the Darug people, where the building is situated.

Symbolising the idea of flow and change and the relationship between people and place, the facade features lines from local poet Todd Turner’s piece ‘Grace’. The words sweep around the exterior, flowing to a giant mural map of Duck River, represented by a pattern of leaves perforated into the metal.

Arrow Metal custom manufactured each facade panel to exact specifications using CAD drawing and precision tooling, enabling a seamless installation with a stunning design outcome.

Creating custom facade designs with Arrow Metal

Consult with Arrow Metal’s expert team to create your bespoke building frontage. Combine your design vision with our metal expertise to achieve intricate and challenging facade designs for residential, commercial and public buildings.

Arrow Metal’s facade capabilities include replication of any illustration, logo or picture in perforated metal; wide choice of metal materials; consultative design process; precision perforation of each panel using CAD drawing and the latest tooling; durable coating and colour finishes; folding techniques for unique effects; custom sizing per panel; and delivery Australia-wide.