Perforated metal patterns are many but there are a few designs that remain evergreen and never go out of style.

Arrow Metal presents three bestsellers that are simple in design but timeless in visual impact, ensuring a futureproof profile on building facades, balustrades and screening, regardless of changing architectural trends.

Round Hole

Topping the bestseller list is the round hole profile. One of the easiest to punch, yet also one of the strongest perforated metal patterns available, the round hole pattern is the leading choice for architects looking for a versatile and classic style.

You can also experiment with the round hole profile: Simply vary the hole sizes and open area percentages to achieve a variety of different looks. Just take a look at Pattern 222 and Pattern 218 – both feature super contemporary small 3.2mm round holes, but the final design outcome is completely different in style and effect due to the variations in open area percentage.

Closely-spaced round perforations such as Pattern 218 maximise light ventilation and air flow whilst still maintaining privacy.

Arrow Metal project examples of round hole profiles include the custom facade created for Wayside Chapel, Bankstown Tennis Centre’s sports-themed mural, and and balustrades for St Ursula’s College.

Bankstown Tennis Centre

Image: Bankstown Tennis Centre

Square Hole

The structured and orderly pattern of square hole perforations is perfect for architects and designers who want a shape that stands out. Square holes can be specified in diagonal or straight pitch to achieve different effects.

Check out the grid-like formation of Pattern 412 and the chequerboard style of Pattern 405, or go big and bold with Pattern 448 or Pattern 449 for an equivalent sideways style.

Sydney home

Image: Sydney home

Rectangle Hole

The elegantly elongated rectangle hole profile is another top favourite amongst architects looking for a sophisticated result. Check out the staggered arrangement of Pattern 392 or the straight pitch arrangement of Pattern 397 for a different look.

Go for round-end slots if you want to soften the effect – it has the same geometric appeal but with rounded edges.

Just take a look at the supersized lobby of Sydney’s new George Street Precinct building, which features Arrow Metal’s custom perforated metal sheets in Pattern 368. The small perforations and close spacing give a modern micro effect that perfectly reflects the prestige of this premium development.

Check out the award-winning NeW Space, University of Newcastle installed with Pattern 376, which meets the required wind tunnel testing criteria of the project, while lending a modern futuristic look to the building.

George Street Precinct

Image: George Street Precinct

Perforated metal bestsellers in stock or made to order

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