Perforated metal is increasingly being preferred by architects and designers in their material palette for sporting venues and sports centres.

Sports centres are perceived today as exciting, motivational, and aspirational places. Therefore, architects are challenged to create venues that deliver in design and experience on and off the pitch and meet budget goals. This is where perforated metal proves itself to be an essential piece of kit for public and private sector sports complex development.

Uses of perforated metal for sports architecture

Strength and adaptability are the two primary reasons for the continued popularity of perforated metal in sports centre design. Custom manufacturing ensures this material meets all budget, performance, and aesthetic needs. Its flexibility of application allows it to play in almost any position in sports architecture, from loadbearing installations to decorative interior applications.

Perforated metal is commonly used in stadiums and sports centres around the world for:

Spectator screening, barriers, balconies, and stairs 

Perforated metal can be specified to meet all necessary strength and loadbearing requirements for spectator safety.


As an easy clean material, perforated metal is ideally suited to high touch point uses that require strict Covid 19 cleaning regimes.


Perforated metal can be custom designed to create striking and unique building facades that match the architect’s vision, development purpose, and appeal.


Architects also use perforated metal as a sustainable material for building ventilation and cooling, in line with the project’s environmental goals.

Advantages of perforated metal in sports architecture

Using perforated metal in sports centre development gives architects a range of project benefits, including budget and creative opportunities:

  • Sports pictures, images, illustrations, or branding can be transformed into perforated metal, creating strong visual interest throughout the complex
  • It can be coloured post-manufacture in a wide variety of shades, tones, and effects for aesthetic impact
  • Panels can be manufactured in any size, up to 5m long for full facade coverage
  • Panel folding, curving, and shaping are easy to achieve to match the development design, without affecting the pattern
  • Perforated metal can be coated with special finishes to ensure longevity and durability
  • Extensive choice of metals and patterns to suit every project budget – from cost-effective standard patterns to made-to-order designs and fully bespoke, creative solutions
  • Can be tailored to meet the exact project requirements – including acoustic, strength, and sustainability needs

Arrow Metal’s sports architecture projects

Arrow Metal projects that showcase the successful use of perforated metal in sports architecture include Blacktown Tennis Centre and Sunbury Aquatic Centre – each required a custom perforated metal solution by Arrow Metal, using CAD drawing and software-controlled tooling machinery.

We worked closely with the architects on each of these projects, understanding the development details, goals, and requirements before production, including site structure, light, privacy, and spatial flow.

Blacktown Tennis Centre

Blacktown Tennis Centre

The tennis-themed wall and matching interior screening and balustrade at Blacktown Tennis Centre give this complex an advantage when it comes to striking sports architecture.

The dynamic and vibrant bright red perforated panels used throughout the complex create a sense of energy, with selected panels requiring bending and curving in line with the interior design. We collaborated with the project architects throughout production to ensure the finished tennis illustration matched the initial concept, whilst also meeting all performance and privacy needs.

Sunbury Aquatic Centre

Sunbury Aquatic Centre

Sunbury Aquatic Centre’s wave-themed facade not only reflects the development’s purpose but also gives swimmers privacy and light. The undulating pattern of the charcoal-coloured panels involved a custom perforation of different-sized holes, with the added challenge of perforating large-scale panels 4000m in length with no visible joins. The finished result is a seamless, flowing ripple design in line with the architects’ vision.

Perforated metal solutions for architecture projects

Arrow Metal manufactures perforated metal for public and private sector projects across Australia, from sports and leisure complexes to public transport, education, retail, commercial, and residential developments.

With over 30 years of metal perforation expertise, we can produce almost any design in metal, from photographs and illustrations to bespoke architectural patterns, without compromising metal performance.