Arrow Metal worked with project builders Lloyd Group Construction to create a series of decorative perforated facade screens for the new administration, canteen, and library block at Canterbury South Public School in Canterbury, NSW.

Part of the school’s redevelopment under the NSW Government’s school infrastructure program, the brand new, state-of-the-art building offers students a smart new way to learn.

The perforated screen facade on the school is tailored to the movement of the sun, with the different patterns deflecting or absorbing the sun’s rays. The new gold-coloured facade helps to keep energy costs down, while controlling light, privacy, and shade for students and staff throughout the day.

Perforated screen

Sun smart: Creating Canterbury South’s custom school facade

Perforated 3mm aluminium screens were installed on three sides of the new building.

The North elevation

North elevation

This section of the building has constant sun and large windows. The panels were perforated in pattern 2319, a visually striking mixed round hole design that has an open area of 23% to protect occupants from the strong sunlight without compromising light and privacy.

The West elevation

West elevation

The shady West side of the building faces the playground and features full-length glass windows. With privacy, noise control, and light maximisation the key goals, we perforated the facade panels in pattern 240, a classic 8mm round hole design with double the open area of the north side for increased light and warmth. The architectural curvature of the West elevation presented no issues to the Arrow Metal team, with the finished installation following the flow of the building.

The East elevation

East elevation

The east side of the building features small-scale horizontal decorative panels, perforated in the same design as the North side for a cohesive exterior scheme.

All the school facade panels were powdercoated in either Dulux Electro Gold Pearl or Dulux Fresh Gold for a contemporary finish reflective of Canterbury South’s new modern learning environment.

Public school redevelopments: Benefits of perforated metal

The Canterbury South Public School project is a great example of the environmental benefits of using perforated metal in the educational sector to create vibrant and green learning spaces that meet all project deliverables including budget and timescales.

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