Creative use of colour on a building’s exterior is guaranteed to draw attention and appreciation. One way to achieve colourful architecture is through the use of perforated metal facades that can be finished in a whole spectrum of shades.

Architects and building designers can make use of the creative colour possibilities available for perforated metal to get an impactful multi-hued effect on their building facades. A coloured facade of perforated metal wrapped around a building creates instant vibrancy.

Take a look at these vivid projects for inspiration.

Forum of Saint-Louis, France

The Forum of Saint-Louis – a sports and exhibition venue – stands out for its colourful architecture. Designed by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture, this collection of 13 buildings is enveloped in a bright orange metal facade to give the impression of a single unit. The angled roofs on these buildings visually harmonise with the surrounding houses. The copper coloured expanded metal covers the entire building in an orange hue, which changes in tone according to the light.

Forum of Saint-Louis; Designed by: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture; Image sourced from Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

Banque de France, Paris

The sleek white coloured perforated cladding wrapping the Banque de France building gives the impression of a giant, impenetrable metal safe with a distinct sense of openness. Architect Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés covered the new cash processing centre for the bank in white perforated metal, featuring various surface textures. The lightness of the white cladding stands out beautifully on the building defined by its high security and privacy considerations.

Banque de France; Designed by: Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés; Image sourced from Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés

Step Up Special Needs Housing, Santa Monica, California

Step Up is an affordable housing complex offering 46 apartments for homeless and mentally disabled people. Designed by Brooks + Scarpa, the building features a colourful and playful folded facade made using perforated metal screen to give residents a lively and informal welcome as well as sun protection without compromising their privacy.

Step Up Special Needs Housing, Santa Monica, California; Designed by: Brooks + Scarpa; Image sourced from Brooks + Scarpa

Rietlanden Sports Hall, Netherlands

Sports Hall de Reitlanden by Slangen + Koenis Architects features a coloured perforated metal facade and shutters. The use of green on the facade not only has a welcoming effect but also adds liveliness and energy to the sports hall.

Rietlanden Sports Hall, Netherlands; Designed by: Slangen + Koenis Architects; Image sourced from Slangen + Koenis Architects

Coloured perforated metal: Arrow Metal customisation

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