Cladding is an extra layer of material that’s added to a building’s exterior to enhance its energy efficiency as well as visual appeal. Cladding can be made from many different materials such as timber, brick, stone and metal; depending on the material and specification, it can have thermal, cooling and acoustic properties.

The modern architectural market offers a diverse range of options for exterior cladding. However, when it comes to making a design statement, nothing can beat perforated metal cladding. Functioning as an architectural coat that protects a building from the elements, perforated metal can keep a structure warm or cool and instantly transform its whole appearance. Perforated metal cladding is completely customisable, making it a unique architectural accessory.

Benefits of perforated metal cladding

In comparison to other cladding materials, perforated metal delivers multiple benefits. For instance, the shape, size and pitch of the perforations can be specified to perform specific functions for the building, such as increasing airflow, and controlling heat and sound. Perforation patterns can be completely customised, increasing the scope of creative design. Perforated metal sheets are non-combustible, helping the developer comply with the latest building standards and regulations. They may be used as flat sheets on framework or folded to form a cassette system. Additionally, perforated metal is lightweight, strong and durable, and also recyclable, making it perfect for green, sustainable architecture projects.

The expert team at Arrow Metal has compiled a few tips that you could consider to help you choose the best perforated metal cladding for your exteriors.

Temperature control

The perforations in the metal sheet enable precise control of sunlight and airflow. You can modify the size, shape and pitch of the perforation to suit your specific requirements.

For instance, you can choose a specific pattern for one side of the building and a different pattern for another to match solar position, and heat loss and gain. The panels can even be perforated in multiple shapes, or you can mix solid and perforated areas and vary the spacing for a customised, energy-efficient solution.

Decorative design

If you have picked perforated metal cladding purely for aesthetic reasons, you have the flexibility to choose from endless design options, including your own custom pattern that Arrow Metal can manufacture using CAD.

However, you will still need to consider environmental factors, which may affect durability. Buildings in coastal locations will need a base metal and a finish that can withstand marine environments.

If you prefer to finish your perforated metal cladding in a colour of your choice, Arrow Metal offers an unlimited colour palette. The perforated metal can be finished in any shade, turning a standard perforation pattern into something more unusual and bespoke – easily and cost-effectively.

Perforated metal cladding advice and tips from Arrow Metal

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You can also download our perforated metal brochure to explore standard and made-to-order patterns, and browse our completed Projects for ideas and inspiration.