Arredo Furniture  is a manufacturer of custom design furniture which includes chairs, tables and table tops for private and commercial use. Arredo Furniture offers modern to classical furniture in mixed timber and steel and supplies a complete and comprehensive service.

Arredo Furniture offers newly designed furniture which is decorated beautifully according to the taste of customers. Wide range of chairs and tabletops are available from Arredo Furniture. The chairs and tables offered are elegant, decorative and available in different style and sizes. The chairs are mainly made from steel and timber products.

The chairs from Arredo Furniture are made from steel and timber with and without cushions and branded with names which include Caterina, Elena, Isabella, Eleonora, Maria, Malvina, Paola, Simona, Stefania and Sondrio.

The tables manufactured are round in shape with different sizes and are named as Alessandro, Assisi, Antonio, Davide, Carlo, Fabio, Enrico, Fernando, Gianni, Giorgio, Gustavo, Luca, Marcello and Ugo.