Arqua Australis  offers architectural solutions in Central Coast of New South Wales. Arqua Australis operates with a team of building designers, architects and disability access consultants. Arqua Australis provide innovative designs for building, properties and construction industries.

Arqua Australis offers project management services, planning and building. Arqua Australia has offered services to many sectors like housing and multi-unit residential, retail and commercial, government and public private partnership infrastructures, health and aged care, defence, manufacturing and industrial sectors.

Arqua Australis is an Associate memberof the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA). Arqua Australis has experience in designing plans and detailing of health and age care projects. Arqua Australis offers their detailing and designing services directly or through sub-consultancy services. Arqua Australis also provides drafting, policy research, drafting, implementing them and other procedure manuals for almost all industrial sectors.

Arqua Australis has affiliations and membership with the Association of Consultants in Access Australia ( ACAA), Australian Business's Limited (ABL) and the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA). Arqua Australis specialises in access consulting, they share their experience and expertise with partnership organisations like architects, engineers, managers, and property owners.