Arqua Australis  provides access and mobility solution. Arqua Australis provides practical and objective advice related to access. Arqua Australis offers access and mobility solution to tenants, building owners, planners, building contractors and architects. Arqua Australis offers access and mobility solution in order to improve the access which adheres to the obligations stated under Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA’ 92).

Arqua Australis offers a comprehensive range of services which includes policy research and regulatory reviews, reviewing projects at design, planning, construction and design stages, undertaking post occupancy reviews and preparing of action plans.

Arqua Australis offers access consulting solutions by which Arqua Australis provides advice to clients on ways to gain non discerning environments for protection of civil and human rights or liberties of the occupants. Arqua Australis explore ways in facilitating equitable, safe and dignified access to the environment. Arqua Australis offers right building amenity solution which helps to assists in overcoming disabling effects of impairment.