Arnos Australia  provides racking systems for the Hang-A-Plan file binders it supplies. These racking systems are supplied as front loader systems and drop mount systems. Front loader racking system is a well featured system with centre point hanging while the drop mount system consists of two end point hangings. Racks offered by Arnos Australia have a nylon coating which features a tough and anti corrosive finish and are supplied in black colour. These racks have the capability to handle five to twenty five file binders.

Binder capacity of Hang-A-Plan from Arnos Australia varies according to the thickness and size of the sheets. This filing system checks that the sheets remain always flat and guards against tears, wrinkles and folds. It can be loaded easily by placing binders on any flat surface followed by loosening the wing nuts. The sheets can then be placed onto the binder after which the wing nuts need to be tightened again. Drawings can be filed systematically and the position of specific drawing can be easily accessed when needed.

Premium trolleys from Arnos Australia feature an additional fifth wheel which provides improved mobility to the trolleys which are available in two sizes, each having a 25 binder capacity. Drop mount trolleys provided by Arnos Australia consist of a simple drop on and lift off system and are suited for binders of varied size.