Accolade Plus, a durable vinyl sheet flooring product from Armstrong Flooring Pty Ltd was installed at the Latrobe Institute of Molecular Science in Bundoora, Victoria.

Designed by Lyon Architects, the education project features Accolade Plus in two special colours: Accolade Plus Uni Orange covering 1,895 square metres and Accolade Plus Soft Grey covering 3,736 square metres. The Australian Made Accolade Plus vinyl sheet flooring range is designed to conceal dirt resulting from high traffic conditions, as well as reduce ongoing maintenance.

Armstrong Flooring’s environmental commitment

One of the largest producers of resilient flooring in the world, and the only Australian manufacturer of resilient PVC sheet and tile products, Armstrong Flooring is committed to improving the lives of the 200 plus people who work in the company as well as the millions who use their products every day.

Armstrong Flooring employs an integrated approach to achieve their environmental objectives. Key objectives include building further on recycling post-consumer waste streams; cutting water usage by 30%; cutting emissions by 40%; being neutral to landfill; and recycling flooring at the end of its useful life.

This integrated approach is delivering results, reducing their dependence on imports and providing the motivation to further improve their environmental performance and leverage even more growth.

Armstrong’s commercial range includes vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl sheet walling and vinyl tiles.