Armco Barriers  offers a wide range of wire ropes, posts, corner guards, wheel guards, speed guards, floor guards, handrails, pipe guards, temporary barriers and various other products and kits for the commercial market.

Armco Barriers offers a gamut of wire ropes to suit varying requirements. Armco Barriers also offers professional installation of wire ropes by its experienced team. Armco Barriers supplies a variety of posts which are punched on both sides for ease of use and efficient installations. Posts from Armco Barriers are available with and without bases. Corner guards from Armco Barriers are highly suitable for exposed corners in traffic areas. Corner guard is available in various dimensions to suit varying requirements. Wheel guards from Armco Barriers provide strong wheel stops. Wheel guards are highly resistant, long lasting and available in a variety of colours.

Armco Barriers offers a wide range of speed guards which are widely used in factory complexes. These speed guards are made of steel and are available in various lengths. Floor guards from Armco Barriers are suitable for protecting walls against forklift damages. Armco Barriers also designs shopping trolleys and bicycle bays. Pipe guards from Armco Barriers offer protection to drainage water pipes, storm water pipes and various exposed pipelines. Various other products like nuts, bolts, washers and concrete fittings are also offered by Armco Barriers.