Armco Barriers  specialises in the manufacturing of a wide range of safety barrier systems and guardrails. Having more than 25 years of experience, Armco Barriers is said to be a leader in the safety barrier market. Engineered with quality and durability, Armco Barriers also offers installation and maintenance services to the commercial market.

Armco Barriers constantly innovates to offer superior and latest safety barrier systems to its customers. Innovations such as internal storage to avoid white rust and symmetrical holes for easier installations are provided by Armco Barriers. Some of the innovative products from Armco Barriers include Stubby Nose terminal, Bollards, Handrails and Pipe guards which aid in providing economically safety barrier solutions.

Sales engineers from Armco Barriers are highly experienced and qualified. They aid in installation and supply of guardrails which match the client’s requirements. Armco Barriers provides support, service and knowledge to its wide range of customers at competitive prices.

Armco Barriers comply with the Quality Assurance System AS/NZS ISO 9000.2. Guardrails and safety barrier systems from Armco Barriers conform to AS/NZS 4680.