Armco Barriers  offers a variety of bollards that are manufactured in 5.4mm steel. The bollards are made to parking and customer specifications and are galvanised to ensure the bollards are safe and durable.

All bollards from Armco are manufactured by certified welders and are galvanised as a complete unit. Armco offer their bollards with a selection of fixing options and have Removable Bollards, Fixed Bollards and Bollards with base plates available from stock.

Armco safety bollards offer protection and entry definition and traffic or pedestrian safety that can be enhanced when used combination with Railgard or RHS barriers.

Available in a variety of colours, the range of bollards are powder coated after being galvanised, making them durable. Safety yellow is a popular colour while Environmental Green provides the same safety and protection without impacting on environmental aesthetics.

Bollards can also be supplied in corporate colours to match corporate branding of facilities.

Non standard bollards can also be catered for by the team at Armco Barriers.