Arma Window Tinting  provides window tints for office as well as for residential purposes. It increases the visual appeal and reduces the damage caused to furniture and carpets within home and office due to harmful UV rays. The Symphony window film and the Infinity window film offer the best solution to home and office window tints. The Symphony window film consists of five levels of film that are specially designed to provide comfort, privacy and protection. The Infinity window film consists of four levels of film that comes with neutral colouring with optimum clarity.

The Arma Window Tinting offers window tints that reduce heat up to 82 percent during summer, blocks 99 percent of carpet and furniture damages that are caused due to harmful UV rays. The window tints are also available in extensive range of colours and are specifically designed to increase one’s privacy.

Arma Window Tinting follows superior tint manufacturing methods in order to produce quality window tints. The window tints from Arma Window Tinting are produced with the help of skilled technicians and refined systems. The window tints are offered with excellent unparalleled finishes.