Arma Window Tinting  also offers high quality tints for office windows. Apart from increasing visual appeal, it also eliminates the unnecessary heat, UV rays from entering into office rooms. It also increases the privacy level within the office. The window film used by Arma Window Tinting reduces up to 70 percent of heat from entering through the window.

Arma Window Tinting offers a wide range of window tinting products that are highly superior in quality, design and performance. The window films use high temperature acrylic adhesives, metals like titanium and resistant coatings. The titanium metal helps to block heat and protects the glass from fading. The acrylic adhesives that are used by Arma Window Tinting can withstand temperature up to 250 degrees and is also said to remain bubble free.

The window tints can also be custom installed as per the requirements of the clients. The window tints from Arma Window Tinting have superior appearance, longer product performance and outstanding colour stability.