Incorporated in 1945 with the aim to manufacture quality transformers and battery chargers, Arlec Australia now provides cost-effective products including appliances, door chimes, torches, timers and many other related products. Arlec Australia has its foothold in many areas including new product development, category management, product marketing and distribution.

Arlec Australia also offers both rechargeable and heavy duty batteries. The Alkaline batteries from Arlec
Australia, which is non-rechargeable, can be used in remote controls, clocks, electronic toys, games and other similar applications.

Arlec Australia provides wireless door chimes which are easy to install and require no wiring. The door chimes from Arlec Australia can be placed inside homes or in gardens and it comes with a door push button and a portable door chime. Arlec Australia also offers remote control door chimes, plug in wireless chimes with socket, vibrating wireless door chimes and long range wireless door chimes.

Arlec Australia provides a host of lighting products that include festive lighting, lamps and high voltage lights to name a few. The high voltage lights include fluorescent lights which is weather-resistant. It is also resistant to oil, water and impact. Arlec Australia also offers movement activation lights that include stainless steel outdoor spotlight, stainless steel movement post light, compact security twin light and many more.