Arketype  provides a range of urban elements including proprietary products and custom designs for commercial sector, councils and corporate clients. The range of urban elements offered includes interpretive signage, urban furniture, bin enclosures and external sound posts. The urban elements from Arketype are widely used in various areas. Arketype undertakes concept and detail designing, construction, project management and engineering management as well.
Arketype is known for designing stainless steel bin enclosures, which are available in stainless steel base plates or mild steel, powder coated and treated base plate. It has punched sides, adjustable feet and is available in 80L and 120L. These bin enclosures have a welded stainless steel lid.
Arketype also produces external sound posts, which provide a functional and aesthetic look. The sound posts consist of curved stainless steel fascia with graphics, print and tamper proof stainless steel buttons.
Arketype also offers vent bins which are available in 80L and 120L with powder coated base. Arketype is also involved in the concept and detail designing of benches, bins, tree surrounds, flagpoles, bollards and balustrades. Arketype is also engaged in the designing of solar light armature, seating systems and plaques.