Arketype  offers services such as graphics and multimedia as well. Arketype undertakes consultation services, strategy and project management, concept development, graphic layout, brand solutions and print management.
The various applications for graphics include corporate identity and logo design, website development, brochures and catalogues and exhibition graphics. It is also used in annual reports, packaging, large format displays, multimedia development and environmental graphics.
Arketype provided graphics for the promotional materials of Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition, where a visual style drawing was developed. It was used in posters, invitations, advertising materials, banners and flyers. Graphic design from Arketype was also used in the promotional materials of Three sides of the coin, and in the stationery of Fabric of life.
Arketype is also known for designing and producing interactive designs, websites, interface designs, presentations and film production co-ordination. These multimedia services have wide applications such as corporate presentations, educational interactive and corporate and government websites.
The multimedia services from Arketype was used for tender presentations for BSTG, website development and installation for Orbcourt and product animation, presentation and brochure design for Dexion to name a few.