ARK Testing is a testing and tagging service and offers to tag and test all kinds of portable electrical appliances from power tools to personal computers and 3 phase machineries.
Examples of some appliances that require testing are, mobile phone chargers, fork lift chargers, kettles, microwaves, power boards, note book chargers, welders, televisions, fridges, ovens, lamps, printers, plug in radios, extension leads, electric power tools, battery chargers, vacuum cleaners, photocopiers and portable air conditioners.
ARK Testing uses the latest equipment, top of the line tools such as, Metrel SmarTEC, AlphaPAT and the SupaPAT. ARK Testing equipment allow for safe testing in I.T. and laboratory equipment with no risk of damage.
Staff at ARK Testing is professionally trained and well experienced in the testing and tagging process. The ARK Team also knows what is to be done to meet customers requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. Once the testing is completed by ARK Testing, the customer is provided with the complete list of items tested.

Occupational health and safety section AS/NZS 3760: 2003 require businesses to have electrical equipment appliances tested and tagged for safety compliance, and this is when the services of ARK Testing are called for.