Arens International presents the CAT Winder, an innovative range of window winders that allows windows at varying heights to be operated with ease.

The Arens CAT Winder allows operation of low level windows with a handle and high level windows with an eyelet and extension pole. The CAT Winder offers a very cost-effective solution with easy installation and manual operation.

Key features of Arens CAT Winder include suitable for windows over 300mm high; maximum possible window opening of 290mm; black, light grey and white options; inverter bracket powdercoated to match the winder; and extension pole extendable up to 3 metres to operate high level windows (sold separately).

Arens CAT Winder is recommended for low level top-hinged windows, high level top-hinged windows, and skylights and roof windows.

Low level top-hinged windows

Low level top-hinged windows can be operated using a CAT winder with a handle. The simple operation requires the occupant to wind the handle to open or close the window as desired.

High level top-hinged windows

For top-hinged windows that are out of reach, the CAT Winder with an eyelet can be installed and operated using an extension pole. The CAT Winder must be installed upside down with an inverter bracket to allow the eyelet to be at an appropriate angle for operation with the extension pole. The inverter bracket is powdercoated to match the colour of the winder. The CAT Winder with an inverter bracket may not be suitable for windows with blinds as it will protrude from the window sill and impede the blinds’ operation.

Skylights and roof windows

To operate skylights and roof windows that are commonly out of reach, a CAT Winder with an eyelet will need to be installed. The window winder will be operated using an extension pole. In such installations, an inverter bracket is not required as the eyelet will already be at an appropriate angle for operation with an extension pole.