Several products from Ardex Australia were used in a major redevelopment and expansion project at the Perth International Airport Terminal 1.

The requirement for fast installation and shortened drying times presented key challenges for the installers. The project needed to be completed within 6 – 8 weeks, resulting in everyone involved working around the clock.

Ardex products used in the flooring work on over 3500 square metres of space in the terminal included ARDEX WPM 300 Hydrepoxy water based epoxy membrane; ARDEX Quickbond quick setting tile adhesive; ARDEX Abalastic liquid polymer additive; ARDEX Abacrete; and ARDEX FG 8 flexible coloured grout.

ARDEX WPM 300 Hydrepoxy water based epoxy membrane was applied to the screed to prevent the entry of moisture into the moisture-sensitive stone.

ARDEX Quickbond, a quick setting tile adhesive was used with the moisture-sensitive stone tile ‘Ecostone’, with Quickbond delivering advantages such as strength and fast set times with extended pot life and good workability.

ARDEX Abalastic liquid polymer additive, mixed with ARDEX Quickbond provided flexibility, improved adhesion, water resistance and strength to the system.

ARDEX Abacrete was used as slurry to bond the screed as well as in the screed mix.

ARDEX FG 8 flexible coloured grout provided a mould-resistant and water repellent grout with long term colour consistency, perfect for the commercial environment.

The rapid application properties of Ardex products helped the project team complete the major airport terminal redevelopment on time.

Image: Perth International Airport Terminal 1