The following article will give you a brief overview of the type of membrane or moisture barriers available, including acrylic, polyurethane, and epoxy moisture barriers.

Please note that applying waterproofing membranes or moisture barriers and tiling in swimming pools, ponds, and water features is a specialised process that requires specific materials and procedures that are not covered here. Please contact the ARDEX Technical Services Department on 1800 224 070 for more information.

Acrylic Membranes

These water-based membranes are the most common type on the market.  Their polymer base is comprised of a modified acrylic material and can come in one or two-part forms.  One-part materials are premixed and applied direct from the container.  For two-part systems, the liquid component normally contains the polymer dispersion, while the powder is made up of cement and other additives.  These membranes are flexible, have little or no odour, and are water clean-up.

It is important that the chosen waterproofing membrane is compatible with the adhesive applied above. ARDEX offer complete system solutions where tiles can be directly stuck to the membrane with complete compatibility.

Polyurethane Membranes

There are three different types of polyurethane membranes, which can be either rigid or elastomeric (flexible).  The elastomeric or flexible variety is most common in tiling situations so that’s the type we’ll talk about below.

Polyurethanes have become the new membrane of choice when it comes to waterproofing under tiles. ARDEX Australia has taken this technology to a new level with a new membrane that is fast curing – ARDEX WPM155 Rapid, when used with the ARDEX STB Tape as a bond breaker. The use of this system allows tiling to occur just four hours after the membrane has been laid which is 36 hours faster than some other systems.

Epoxy Moisture Barriers

The most popular moisture barriers in this category are water based epoxies which are quite common with a number of systems being available. These moisture barriers have good chemical resistance, and are quite inert when cured. A moisture barrier such as ARDEX WPM 300 offers superior moisture resistance and is an integral part of ARDEX System Solutions for applications such as vinyl flooring installations to combat rising damp.

ARDEX Australia offers a range of waterproofing membranes and moisture barriers for nearly every project, including a full ARDEX System Specification.  The ARDEX Specification comes with recommendations for substrate preparation, floor levelling and ramping, tile adhesive, grouts, and silicones.

ARDEX products are easy to use, offer a complete system solution and provide premium performance. We provide full technical support through a Technical Toll Free Hotline, online technical resources with instant project specification tools as well as onsite support if required. ARDEX Technical Support is managed by a dedicated team of technical experts that can provide customised system recommendations for your project. For more information about ARDEX Australia and our range of products visit