Arden Architectural Staircases  specialises in the design and installation of a range of staircases for commercial and residential environments.  

By their very nature, a commercial staircase is a complex project; they often form part of a showpiece layout in high-exposure foyers, showrooms, or corporate offices.  

Additionally, commercial stairs in Australia must comply with a formidable array of codes, standards and environmental certifications.  

An initially sound architectural concept for a commercial stair, implemented poorly can easily become an eyesore or lead to budget blowouts and project overruns.  

If handled well, commercial stairs can support the overall design concept, presenting as an ‘engineered interior sculpture’ and arresting the attention of the viewer.  

At Flow Residential Apartments in Brisbane, the weight and presence of the feature curved panel wall relates logically to the fluid silhouette of the spiral staircase.

The staircase has been considered both as a standalone feature while also communicating with the surrounding structures.  

Worley Parsons’ corporate staircase is a well-realised example of stairs playing an integral role in the design intent of this commercial interior.  

Designed to dominate the inner space, a stringer of uncoloured steel captures attention as it invades the reception area from above.  

Rather than co-operate with the surrounding textures and colours, this commercial staircase contrasts with all surrounding surfaces including the apparently unsupported treads cut between the structure and the adjacent feature wall.