The strikingly minimalist aspect of a cantilevered tread staircase from Arden Architectural Staircases  is certain to provide enduring appeal in a modern architectural setting.

Without a stringer to distract attention, the staircase treads project from a supporting wall without requiring extra support. The result is a clean and geometric ‘engineered interior sculpture’ that will attract attention and comment.

Cantilevered tread staircase designs usually do not incorporate full risers, in favor of either a fully or partially open design. However, a cantilevered full tread and riser assembly is possible, and sometimes considered by interior designers wishing to make a unique statement.

The classic cantilevered tread staircase design is fully open with no risers at all, complemented by a frameless glass balustrade. The appeal of partially cantilevered constructions in timber is the interesting geometric details that result from the fine joinery necessary to achieve them.

Careful specification of the treads in terms of texture and material is very important, as they are the focal point of the design. Australian renewable or recycled hardwood timbers are naturally an excellent choice.

For those wishing to take on a modern theme throughout the entire cantilevered tread staircase assembly, laminated toughened structural glass may be suitable. However, some form of skid-resistance finish is recommended for pedestrian safety.