An ARCPANEL roof system can help save over 12% of construction costs compared to a conventional timber framed single skin roof.

The cost comparison study was based on a new build located in Noosa Heads, Queensland. The house at 45 The Quarterdeck, Noosa was built using conventional construction methods with timber beams and rafters utilised for the structure; a single Colorbond steel roof fitted with a layer of foil insulation and R3 insulation batts; and a single layer of plasterboard for the ceiling lining.

Based on the bills of quantities provided for the as-built conventional construction of a 173m² roof area, a comparison study was undertaken against the cost to design the roof using the ARCPANEL Custom Roof system.

The comparison revealed an overall saving of 12.3% in construction costs, demonstrating that an ARCPANEL roof system can provide a superior outcome for a lower cost.