Insulated roof panels from ARCPANEL were specified by the architects for a residential project in Merewether, NSW.

Located on an elevated corner site, the home was designed by the Newcastle, NSW-based Mark Lawler Architects. Conscious about the marine environment surrounding many of their projects, the architects ensure they specify only those products and materials that can withstand constant exposure to harsh conditions. Key considerations for material selection also include aesthetic appeal, thermal performance, realistic pricing and product warranty.

For the Merewether property, Mark Lawler Architects specified ARCPANEL custom roof panels since the roofing material met the design brief requirements. The design incorporated a three-metre cantilever over the large upper deck, which did not restrict the expansive view, outlook or sun access.

Generally, expensive structural steel framing would have been required to achieve this slenderness and cantilever. ARCPANEL’s prefabricated, insulated sandwich panels were specified for this application for their light weight as well as speed and ease of installation.

Installing an ARCPANEL roof also means there’s no requirement for additional thermal insulation, battening, plastering or painting, saving the owner time and money.

From an aesthetic perspective, ARCPANEL custom panels are profiled on the underside, which is appreciated in internal living spaces as a feature texture, offsetting against the typical smooth plasterboard face. ARCPANEL also works well with finishes and surfaces such as timber and concrete, contributing to stunning design outcomes.

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