Established in the year 1998, archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE is said to be a well established and professional architectural firm that aims at providing smart design solutions to its customers. archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE offers a wide range of architectural design solutions for both traditional and modern applications. archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE is committed towards producing quality design services within the given time period. These design services are offered at reasonable price to match the budget specifications of the customers. archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE is committed in producing products that are eco-friendly thus reducing the harmful impact on the environment.

archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE holds a team of professionals who are fully qualified eco-sustainable Feng Shui architects. This team of architects provides design solutions for both residential and commercial projects. archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE also undertakes child care and aged care projects. archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE follows a 6 step design processes to deliver quality design solutions as per the requirement of the customers. This design process can be understood with the help of the design process guide furnished by archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE.

archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE is a customer centric company and it aims at providing high-end services to attain customer satisfaction. The customers of archizen HOLISTIC ARCHITECTURE are not just seen as clients but as business partners. It also provides free architectural advice to its customers.