Windows By Design specified the AWS Elevate range from Architectural Window Systems for a Melbourne-based artist’s studio.

Chan Architecture designed Thornbury Artist’s Studio as a private getaway, purpose-built for the artist to do her work. With the design brief laying a huge emphasis on landscaping, the architects and the landscape architect worked together to ensure that the client’s vision was fully realised.

Architect Anthony Chan explained that they were really careful with the detailing with everything customised to the client and her needs as an artist. To optimise the entry of light into the studio space, they included south-facing windows and a lot of eaves.

The architects consulted with the fabricators, Windows by Design before finalising the AWS Elevate range. Describing the AWS system as a commercial-grade suite, Chan said they chose it because it met a number of design considerations. The windows had to be double-glazed because they were south-facing and the architects didn’t want to lose all the heat, while the slim profile allowed for big sections as well as easy operation.

Products from the AWS Elevate range used in the project included Series 424 CentreGLAZE double glazed framing, Series 602 Magnum sliding windows, Icon stainless steel hardware, and Series 52 double glazed commercial doors.