Fabricators APLO Facade Solutions used various products from Architectural Window Systems (AWS) to transform an old Melbourne warehouse into a stunning home with a fabulous view.

Located in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton, the warehouse was once an entirely roofed factory with zero permeable area. The client worked with architect Victoria Reeves from Kennedy Nolan to completely reinvent the site and create a beautiful dwelling with glorious views and a verdant garden on two sides.

According to Victoria, the client was really interested in the view, and had even got up on the roof of the existing building to see what kind of height she would need to achieve the view she wanted. Following a comprehensive discussion, they agreed on a design that would maximise the views using frames so that there was room to create a homely vibe without feeling exposed.

The client sought the principal areas on the top floor of the dwelling to be flooded with light. The project also encapsulates areas that are quite low-ceilinged and dimly lit but expand into brightly lit areas in order to create contrast. Being a keen gardener, she also wanted a connection with the garden.

Victoria explained that the design challenge was really about bridging those two experiences and making sure that the building itself didn’t just become the thoroughfare for getting from the bottom to the top.

They were able to achieve a sort of simplicity and abstractness to the project using AWS sections. Products from the AWS Elevate range used on the project included Series 704 Slidemaster sliding doors, Icon stainless steel hardware, Series 424 Centreglaze with sashless double hung and custom designed steel windows, all installed by fabricator, APLO Facade Solutions.

Image: The Carlton warehouse (Photographer: Derek Swalwell)