Architectural Window Systems (AWS) developed a custom structural glazing solution for the Mongolo Drive offices located in Canberra’s airport precinct.

AWS Fabricator Taylor’s Window Supplies have been involved in a number of projects at the Canberra Airport precinct. When contacted by architects Daryl Jackson Alastair Swayn to offer a structurally glazed solution for the Mongolo Drive project in a relatively short lead time, Taylor’s was confident about meeting the requirements though no system existed within AWS’ Elevate aluminium systems range for these specifications.

Taylor’s Window Supplies quickly approached AWS for a solution, beginning a 12-week exercise to design, extrude, test and deliver a custom designed structural glazing solution for the project.

Committed to refining, improving and modernising their aluminium profiles, and creating the best aluminium windows and doors, AWS has developed a loyal following among architects, builders, specifiers and homeowners.

The project specification called for structurally glazed mullions in FrontGLAZE framing in 102mm and 150mm widths. The developer also sought certified test data to confirm the water performance and structural integrity of the system.

The AWS window and door testing laboratory is fully accredited and has one of the largest pressure booths in the industry. Weather conditions can be simulated through manipulation of air and water spray flow, and remote monitoring of air leakage and deflection of windows and doors is also possible. This laboratory ensures that Elevate aluminium systems can be tested and researched to ensure compliance with building codes and relevant industry standards.

Having developed a custom solution for the Mongolo Drive project, AWS undertook a rigorous testing procedure to ensure the system would meet and exceed both Australian Standards and the client’s expectations, guaranteeing excellent performance outcomes for the project. The testing process was documented on video and presented to the client prior to large scale production of the system.

Once approved, the system was extruded by AWS and manufactured by Taylor’s Window Supplies for delivery within the 12-week timeframe specified by the client.

The architects sought AWS’ structurally glazed system for this project for a number of reasons, including greater flexibility in façade design for the building. Additionally, the structural element in the mullion acts as an insulator and reduces the risk of internal condensation where double glazing is used. Double glazing was used throughout the project to achieve the desired energy and acoustic outcomes for the project.