Windows and doors from Architectural Window Systems were specified for a major residential project in the picturesque Kangaroo Valley of NSW.

Situated amongst tranquil rivers and enchanting rural vistas, Budgong House paints an idyllic picture but is also exposed to blazing summer heat, high winds and a constant bushfire threat.

Before commencing his design, architect Ben Vitale of Vitale Design decided to live on the site for some time to fully understand the conditions.

Mr Vitale explained that they analysed the sun throughout the year and also the wind in that environment, which helped them ensure the roofs were at the exact right angle to provide a canopy of comforting shade on really hot summer days.

Windows and doors from AWS ThermalHEART range were installed in the house to address the specific challenges presented by the extreme heat, strong winds and threat of bushfire. The AWS ThermalHEART range is Australian made, locally manufactured, durable and fully tested, and backed by technical support for specifiers.

Watch Ben Vitale describe his design experience on the Budgong House in Designer Notes.